Sunrise Lodge Event: Zoo Day

Sunrise Lodge is holding a special event available for its members at the Columbus Zoo on Saturday, May 22nd.

It will be held at the “Waters Edge Pavilion” and catered via their “Picnic Menu” which will consist of entrees of either Hot dogs or BBQ pulled pork, each with sides of coleslaw and potato chips.

The pavilion holds up to 80 guests and is first come first served status. So RSVP is required.

For those wishing to attend here are the particulars:

1.) We would like to have all RSVP’s in by May 4th (our first stated in May). This will give us time to give the event coordinator at the Zoo a final headcount to prepare the lunch.

To RSVP simply use the contact form on this site and fill in the particulars such as: How may adults and children (children = aged between age 3 to 9). Hot Dogs, BBQ, or how many of each? (Example: 2 BBQ plates, 2 Hot dog plates for serving 2 adults and 2 children or vice versa, or other combo thereof.)

2.) The event is for Sunrise members, our family members (sons/daughters/grandchildren) and any potential approved candidates. We have also invited the Job’s Daughters who are expressing interest, TBD.

3.) All would meetup at the Zoo directly (e.g., via your own means of transportation).

Directions can be found on their (Columbus Zoo) website or by simply clicking (HERE).

This event (e.g., admission and picnic lunch) is provided to all RSVP’d associates free of charge. However, we do accept any and all donations either via the Paypal donation portal or by check to help fund future events of this kind, and are greatly appreciated.

Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Ohio G.M.’s Education Roadshow

Via R.W. Chad Kopenski…

Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow

The next Grand Lodge of Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow will be Wednesday 3/24/21 at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central over Zoom and will be hosted by RWB Steve Grindle, SGW. 

We are doing something a little different, in that we have put a question out to some of our friendly jurisdictions to ask their thoughts on the following topic: Masonic Motivation: How do we instruct, inspire and motivate Masons to act according to Masonic values? 

Joining us will be: 

·         WB S. Brad Drew, Current Senior Deacon of Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington KY; PDDGM District 18, GL-KY

·         Bro. James Buckhorn, Current Senior Warden of Pentalpha Lodge #564, Indianapolis, IN; Masonic Educator, Head of Indiana’s Illumination Program. GL-IN 

·         RWB Derek Henze, Current District Deputy Grand Master, District 9, GL-WI.

Topic: Grand Master’s Virtual Masonic Roadshow

Time: Mar 24, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This event is open to all Masons wishing to attend via Zoom.

Any Sunrise Members wishing to attend, please use the contact form to request the link and passcode on any day prior to the day of the event, and it will be sent to you via the webmaster.

Stated Meeting Update

In Lodge stated meeting to be held March 16th, 2021.

We’re still following attendance guidelines set forth via the Grand Lodge of Ohio, along with those recommended via State of Ohio.

Any members interested in attending can use the “Contact” page or email me direct to ensure the current occupancy rules are followed.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Stated Meeting Update

Due to our area currently being under a “Snow Storm Warning” with heavy accumulation possible, we will be holding our stated meeting for February 16th virtually.

Brethern wishing to attend may email me directly or use the “Contact” page for the access link.


Eric Frankilin
Worshipful Master