Our History

Sunrise Lodge #783, F.&A.M. Chartered: 2002

On May 2nd, 2002, Sunrise Lodge No. 783, F&AM was established under consolidation of two lodges, Caledonia Lodge No. 416 and East Gate Lodge No. 603 after all most 2 years of working together.

On the evening of May 2nd, 2002 a lodge was opened by the District Deputy Grand Masters of the 14th Masonic District at East Gate Lodge at 211 N. Hamilton Rd. Gahanna Ohio.  An election was held that evening for the purpose of election of Officers for the New Sunrise Lodge and the following Officers were elected and installed into their respective stations that evening. The first Worshipful Master of Sunrise Lodge was David Percival. 

The Lodge set out with a lot of work ahead of them with the consolidation of both the lodges and developing the standing resolutions, budgets, etc. On April 27th, 2002 the Grand Master of Ohio had a one day class in several locations around the state.  From the one day class Sunrise Lodge had 32 newly raised Master Masons.  The Lodge immediately put on an Order of the Rusty Nail program for the newly raised Master Masons and invited all members of the two consolidated lodges to attend lodge for this special program with the hopes of making everyone feel more comfortable in returning to lodge.  With all the work ahead of them Sunrise Lodge did not go dark the summer of 2002.

On September 7th, 2002 Sunrise Lodge had a “High Tea” program in open forum.  The Grand Master of Ohio MWB Thomas E. Reynolds and the complete Grand Officer Line were present.  The purpose of this grand occasion was for MWB Reynolds to present Sunrise Lodge No. 783 with its Charter with the listing of all the Charter members on it.  Brethren and families from all around came to witness this special event.

In 2003, Sunrise Lodge put together a committee to find a new home.  After several efforts of looking at prospective properties, the committee was approached by the landlord who owned the property where Sunrise Lodge met to enter into discussions of the possibilities of purchasing the lodge building.  After months of discussions, negotiations failed and on October 5th 2003 Sunrise Lodge was given 60 days notice to vacate the premises. 

On November 2nd, 2004 before the annual meeting started the committee reported back to the lodge with a recommendation to move Sunrise Lodge to Blendon Lodge No. 339 at 339S. State Street, Westerville, Ohio for the purpose of renting from Blendon Lodge for the next 3-5 years while continuing to look for suitable property to purchase for a permanent home for Sunrise Lodge.  The Brethren voted unanimously to move Sunrise Lodge to Blendon Lodge 339.  The last function held at the East Gate lodge building was the 2004 Holiday party.  Sunrise held its first stated meeting at 339S State St. on the 7th of December 2004.

On Feb. 8th, 2006 Bexley Lodge No. 704 became extinct and was merged into Sunrise Lodge No. 783. 

Sunrise Lodges 5th anniversary was held in the dinning hall of the Blendon lodge. Guest speakers were MWB Reynolds, RWB Smiseck, and WB Percival gave a LEO program on the history of Sunrise Lodge.  It was noted that since the existence of Sunrise Lodge it had raised 85 Master Masons through the Grand Master’s class system and 83.5 percent were still members in good standing.  Sunrise had started life with 499 members and has of May 2nd 2007 had 554 members.  In its five years 773 membership records had been processed, 87 have been suspended, and 132 have died or demitted.

On March 23, 2009, Sunrise Lodge purchased the property at 211 West Johnstown Road, Gahanna, Ohio. After extensive renovations, our first meeting was held November 28, 2009.

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History of Caledonia Lodge #416 F. & A.M. Chartered 1868

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1761 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania “Ancient”

1751 – Grand Lodge of England “Ancients”

1789 – Grand Lodge of Connecticut

1803 – New England No. 48

1808 – Grand Lodge of Ohio*

1814 – New England No. 4

1841 – Columbus No. 30 (Was Ohio No. 30 – Extinct 1835)

1847 – Magnolia No. 20 (Was Farmers No. 20, Belpre – Extinct 1818)

1909 – East Gate No. 603       1873 – Humboldt No. 476       Unknown*

                                         Bexley No. 704                     1827-1842 Center # 86

                                                                                                1860 – Center # 326

                                                                                                1930 – Center # 86

                                                                                                1868 – Caledonia # 416

2002 – Sunrise No. 783           2006 – Sunrise No. 783           2002 – Sunrise No. 783

*The linage of the original Center Lodge No. 86 is unknown 

Tree History Grand Lodge of Ohio: