Google Event Calendar

Please Note: Events are added, notated, cancelled and so-forth on an ongoing basis, both on the above calendar, as well as special announcements below.
Please check both (e.g., calendar above and announcements below) regularly to be aware of changes, additions or possible cancellations.

Directions via static maps to Sunrise Lodge can be found on the “Contact” page in the main-menu above, or you may use the interactive live Google® map located on the right, or it may appear at the bottom of this page, depending on your device and its orientation.

Overflow Parking: We have permission for available parking across the street at the Gahanna Professional Building.
Note: Members are encouraged to use the Gahanna Professional Building parking on Special Event occasions as to allow visitors the ability and convenience to use our lot first.

Note: All directly held Sunrise events (e.g., at our Lodge facility) follow any and all guidelines mandated by either the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Governor’s office, CDC or, applicable combination thereof. Therefore, available seating, occupancy or something other may be limited and/or changed at any time.
All other venues not directly under Sunrise control (i.e., Other organizers, restaurants, Zoo, etc.) follow their own mandated protocols and need to be contacted directly if there’s any questions or concerns.

14th District Inspection Schedule

2023 will be posted when it becomes settled and available.