July – August

Sunrise Lodge is officially on our summer hiatus through the months of July and August and will reconvene in September. The website will only be updated during this time if there’s a special announcement or other pertinent issue.

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Please note: If you are interested in joining Sunrise Lodge or, have questions about Freemasonry in general during this period, please feel to inquire anytime using the contact forms found on the “Contact” or “FAQ” pages. We are always available for such inquiries all year long, regardless of month.

A Great Summer To All!
Sunrise Lodge No. 783

Lodge BBQ

Sunday, June 27th beginning at 2:00pm we’ll be holding our Lodge BBQ. It will be held in the parking lot of the Lodge along with other participating tenants with games such as “Corn Hole” etc .

Members, friends and family invited.


We have permission for available parking across the street from the Lodge at the Gahanna Professional Building. 

Please be courteous and do not park in any of our neighbors properties or on the street.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Stated Meeting Update


I hope all of you are doing well and I just wanted to give everyone a preview regarding our next stated meeting on June 15th. This will be the last meeting before we break for the months of July and August.

In the past, and following tradition, this last meeting before the break is called, “Strawberry Night.”

Here’s how this meeting will be planned for those that may not be aware…

We will open for dinner and fellowship at around 6:00pm as usual. Spouses, family and friends are all welcome.

We (Masons) will then adjourn from the meal (~7:00pm) and proceed to our meeting in the Lodge Room.

We will hold a brief meeting (open and close short form EA) where I will go over just a few pertinent items. This should take no more than 10 minutes time.

Then, we will adjourn from our masonic duties and rejoin our guests, family members and friends in our dining area to conduct in fellowship over refreshments.

I will also be opening the Lodge Room (after Lodge business and ceremony are closed) for the opportunity to all that may want to visit and see the interior Lodge Room. With supervision, of course.

Looking forward to and hoping to see everyone before the break.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow

The next Grand Lodge of Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow will be held this Wednesday 5/26/21 at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central over Zoom.

The theme this month is ‘Freemasonry Building Community’ Presenters and their 15-minute presentation topics are below.

Joining us will be:

RWB Alexander Herbert, RSS – Lodge Liberte Cherie and Freemasonry in the Esterwegen Concentration Camp.

RWB Daniel Hrinko, RSS – American Union #1 and Early Activities of Masonry in Ohio

WB Antionio Caffey – Freemasonry and the Civil Rights movement.

A bit of commentary from the webmaster…

If you have never heard the story about “Lodge Liberte Cherie” by RWB Herbert, you need to.

It’s a powerful presentation on its own and shows the true commitment to both the Craft, as well as the men that held its ideals. If you ever held the question that is thrown about across many aspects of the Craft such as, “Are we a social club? Or, something more?” This will help you with that conclusion.

This entire line up of speakers is well worth your time and is open to all Masons.

For those members of Sunrise wishing to attend, just use the “Contact” page to email me (the webmaster of our site) no later than this Tuesday evening (the 24th) and I will email you the log in credentials.

You may also find them at the Grand Lodge website, but I’m not exactly sure where they may be located on Grandview. If you’ve already received the invite from Grandview today, you can disregard this message, for the log in details would be the same.

This notice is just in case someone may have missed it.

I can’t recommend this presentation enough, for I personally viewed the original presentation given at the annual Ohio Lodge of Research in 2019 and realized just how important this story truly is.

It’s a must see.


Sunrise Webmaster