Worthy Cause Initiative


Our own Bro. The Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian is walking from Columbus to D.C. from Oct 15 thru the 31st.

We are planning a breakfast, as a sign of support and fund raiser, at the VFW in Reynoldsburg this Friday morning (Oct. 15th) from 6-8am.

I am collecting names of those interested to attend the breakfast.

I need a head count as soon as possible to figure if we will simply provide: bagels, donuts, coffee, etc. or, having a buffet.

Donations for attending are implied, the amount depends on what we will be providing or your cable tow.

If interested please reach out to me, again as soon as possible, via my personal email or cell phone that you all have. (not published here for sake of spammers)

For those unable to attend but want to donate to this worthy cause. His organization is faceofforgiveness.com. You can make a donation directly through that website.

You can also help by liking this event via its Facebook page. (Click here for link)

My apologizes for reaching out in short notice but I think Sunrise can make his sendoff memorable.

Please forward this post to any and all that may be able to help this great cause and wonderful Brother.


Bro. Thom Shapaka
PM, Trustee Sunrise Lodge No. 783