Requiem Announcement

The family of Brother Lynn Miller has requested Masonic funeral services at 11:30AM on Saturday, May 15th.

The location for the service is:

Whitehall VFW Hall
4100 E Main St.
Columbus, OH 43213

There will be two services: a Lodge Service, followed by a Grotto Service.

It is recommended Brothers able to attend to be at the VFW Hall no later than 11:00am on the 15th.

I will unfortunately be out of town, therefore, I will be unable to attend, else I would be present.

If there are any members and/or officers available it would be greatly appreciated by both the family and myself to have a presence for Brother Miller and his family.

Please let me know either directly or, through the “Contact” page if you are able to attend, so I can plan accordingly.

Thank you.

Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master