Ohio G.M.’s Education Roadshow

Via R.W. Chad Kopenski…

Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow

The next Grand Lodge of Ohio Grand Master’s Traveling Masonic Education Roadshow will be Wednesday 3/24/21 at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central over Zoom and will be hosted by RWB Steve Grindle, SGW. 

We are doing something a little different, in that we have put a question out to some of our friendly jurisdictions to ask their thoughts on the following topic: Masonic Motivation: How do we instruct, inspire and motivate Masons to act according to Masonic values? 

Joining us will be: 

·         WB S. Brad Drew, Current Senior Deacon of Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington KY; PDDGM District 18, GL-KY

·         Bro. James Buckhorn, Current Senior Warden of Pentalpha Lodge #564, Indianapolis, IN; Masonic Educator, Head of Indiana’s Illumination Program. GL-IN 

·         RWB Derek Henze, Current District Deputy Grand Master, District 9, GL-WI.

Topic: Grand Master’s Virtual Masonic Roadshow

Time: Mar 24, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This event is open to all Masons wishing to attend via Zoom.

Any Sunrise Members wishing to attend, please use the contact form to request the link and passcode on any day prior to the day of the event, and it will be sent to you via the webmaster.