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For those wondering if there are any “Famous Freemasons,” let’s just say there are far too many to list on this site. That “list” is ever evolving and growing across the web.

However, just like anything, when it comes to the “web” there are a lot of different sites claiming to “know” something that are suspect in their claims at best, and outright incorrect or specious at worst. Bearing that in-mind here are two sites that may help.

First, there is one from the publisher Wiley of “Freemasons For Dummies” by Christopher Hodapp. A quintessential must read for anyone (i.e. Members and/or non-members alike) looking for in-depth, common language explanations to relative questions, with straight answers pertaining to the fraternity and its many intricacies. You’ll find that list by simply clicking (Here).

Second, you may also want to visit the current “Wikipedia” listing for a more exhaustive list, all the while remembering Wikipedia is an “open source” platform, meaning – it’s susceptible to well-meaning but often times erroneous, if not outright specious misinformation. You can view them directly by simply clicking (Here).

With that said, on behalf of the officers and members of Sunrise Lodge No. 783, we both welcome and thank you for your interest.

Note: All directly held Sunrise events (e.g., at our Lodge facility) follow any and all guidelines mandated by either the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Governor’s office, CDC or applicable combination thereof. Therefore, available seating, occupancy or something other may be limited and/or changed at any time.

A Conversation With Richard Dreyfuss


Here’s something many of you may have interest in viewing.

Below is a link to a recent conversation and presentation regarding civics and Freemasonry with Bro. Richard Dreyfuss. Yes, that Richard Dreyfuss.

The subject matter contained within is well worth viewing.

Please feel free to forward and share anywhere you deem appropriate, and is encouraged by the presenters.

Thank you,


Stated Meeting: Addendum


I (SW Fannin) am taking up a collection of “Emergent Needs” for the Gahanna Residents In Need (GRIN) program. There will be a donation box located at the Lodge starting tonight through the third week of November. The following items are greatly appreciated for donation.

  • Thanksgiving Items such as…
  • Gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Yams
  • Green beans
  • Cranberries
  • Canned Pumpkin
  • Au-Gratin/Scalloped Potatoes
  • Rice/Pasta Side Dishes
  • And Toilet Paper is always needed.

Any item in any amount is greatly appreciated.


Alexander Fannin
Senior Warden

Stated Meeting


We hold our next stated in Lodge this Tuesday, October 19th. Fellowship and dinner begins ~6:00PM. Stated begins promptly at 7:00. 

This meeting is unique to the year being it is: Past Masters Night.

This is that special night when the degree work (this one is in FC) is performed by a mixture of Past Masters.

I look forward to seeing everyone and attendance is strongly encouraged.

Reminder: Your membership obligation for the new year is now due and required to be satisfied no later than our first stated meeting in November (Nov. 2nd) which is actually the next meeting following this. Amazing how time flies.

It is now easier than ever to fulfill. You can either…

  • Pay directly at Lodge by cash or check.
  • Pay by check using U.S. Mail, enclosing a print out of your statement sent via the G.L. of O. 
  • Pay directly to the Grand Lodge of Ohio via Grandview.
  • Pay directly using the PayPal option located on our site under “Member Obligations.”


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Via The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Following this weekend’s Grand Lodge Annual Communication, we have the great pleasure of introducing our next Grand Master.

Most Worshipful Brother Timothy S. Wheeland has officially been elected to serve as the 166th Grand Master of Ohio.

Congratulations, Most Worshipful Brother Wheeland! 

A Master Mason for more than 15 years, MWB Timothy Wheeland understands the great blessing it is to be part of our warm and welcoming fraternity. He has long relished the many aspects of Masonic life, including learning the proficiencies, rituals, lectures, and charges. His varied career managing businesses, people and spearheading technological innovations make him uniquely qualified to lead Ohio Freemasonry at this pivotal time.

MWB Wheeland intends to use his experience in and out of the fraternity to grow our brotherhood and spearhead new membership initiatives to benefit all Ohio Masons, our families, and our communities.

Read the full announcement on the G.L. of Ohio’s blog page.

You can view his message to the Brethren on the G.L. of Ohio website.

(Side Note: MWB Wheeland just so happens to also be from our 14th Masonic District.)

Worthy Cause Initiative


Our own Bro. The Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian is walking from Columbus to D.C. from Oct 15 thru the 31st.

We are planning a breakfast, as a sign of support and fund raiser, at the VFW in Reynoldsburg this Friday morning (Oct. 15th) from 6-8am.

I am collecting names of those interested to attend the breakfast.

I need a head count as soon as possible to figure if we will simply provide: bagels, donuts, coffee, etc. or, having a buffet.

Donations for attending are implied, the amount depends on what we will be providing or your cable tow.

If interested please reach out to me, again as soon as possible, via my personal email or cell phone that you all have. (not published here for sake of spammers)

For those unable to attend but want to donate to this worthy cause. His organization is faceofforgiveness.com. You can make a donation directly through that website.

You can also help by liking this event via its Facebook page. (Click here for link)

My apologizes for reaching out in short notice but I think Sunrise can make his sendoff memorable.

Please forward this post to any and all that may be able to help this great cause and wonderful Brother.


Bro. Thom Shapaka
PM, Trustee Sunrise Lodge No. 783