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For those wondering if there are any “Famous Freemasons,” let’s just say there are far too many to list on this site. That “list” is ever evolving and growing across the web.

However, just like anything, when it comes to the “web” there are a lot of different sites claiming to “know” something that are suspect in their claims at best, and outright incorrect or specious at worst. Bearing that in-mind here are two sites that may help.

First, there is one from the publisher Wiley of “Freemasons For Dummies” by Christopher Hodapp. A quintessential must read for anyone (i.e. Members and/or non-members alike) looking for in-depth, common language explanations to relative questions, with straight answers pertaining to the fraternity and its many intricacies. You’ll find that list by simply clicking (Here).

Second, you may also want to visit the current “Wikipedia” listing for a more exhaustive list, all the while remembering Wikipedia is an “open source” platform, meaning – it’s susceptible to well-meaning but often times erroneous, if not outright specious misinformation. You can view them directly by simply clicking (Here).

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Event Update

2021 Officer Installation Ceremony:

The ceremony is planned for Dec. 15th. Due to health concerns evolving from Covid this ceremony will be closed. A celebration event will be announced at a later date should better circumstances prevail.

Sunrise Holiday Party:

Due to the growing health concerns involving Covid, the annual party has been cancelled.

Currently: no other special events scheduled at this time.

Stated Meeting Update

Dear Brethren,

An edict (2021-3) has been issued by MWB Dickerscheid stating that due to the pandemic, there will be no in person meetings permitted (only virtual) through December 31, 2020.

I will update as we receive further instructions.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master (elect)

Annual Meeting Update


The annual meeting for Sunrise Lodge will be be held on Tuesday, November 3rd.

We are required to hold the meeting in-person as per Grand Lodge edict. If you are ill or otherwise uncomfortable attending, please stay home.

For those planning to attend, facial coverings are required. Also, there will not be any refreshments provided. Unfortunately, this includes the apples we all look forward to during this meeting.

Stay safe!

Brian Gardner
Worshipful Master

Via The 14th District of Ohio

Br. John Hicks, P.M. of Sunrise Lodge has been elevated to the position of, President of the 2021 Officers of the 14th District.

Next time you see him please be sure to congratulate, as well as thank, for his service to not just our lodge, but the district and fraternity as a whole.

Via The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Yesterday during the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, Brother Richard A. Dickerscheid was elected to serve as the 165th Grand Master of Ohio. 

A member of College Hill – Harry S. Johnson Lodge #641, Rich became a Freemason in 2002. In October of 2014, Brother Dickerscheid was recommended to the Grand Lodge of Ohio by MWB Norman J. Mick, and at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, he was appointed to the position of Senior Grand Deacon by MWB Steven E. Cokonougher. A devoted father, husband, and Freemason, Rich will continue to serve Ohio Freemasonry with the utmost integrity in the year ahead. We look forward to his leadership.

Congratulations, Most Worshipful Brother Dickerscheid! 

About Grand Master Rich A. Dickerscheid
Grand Master Rich Dickerscheid has been a lifelong resident of the great state of Ohio. He was born in Hamilton Ohio on February 12th, 1964. He attended the Talawanda school system and graduated from Talawanda High School in Oxford Ohio in 1982.

Rich met his future wife, Teri, in the seventh grade, where she sat behind him in class. They married in 1984 at St. Mary’s Parrish located in Oxford Ohio. Teresa is the daughter of Maryann and Anton John Dsuban III, who is a Past Master of College Hill-Harry S. Johnson Lodge #641 in 1975.

In June of 1988, John and Maryann Dsuban started John Dsuban Spring Service with Rich Dickerscheid as their first employee. Since that time, the business has evolved into a thriving truck and trailer repair and wholesale parts facility with over twenty-five employees. Today, Rich Dickerscheid is still employed at John Dsuban Spring Service where he is responsible for inventory control, inside & outside sales, and web sales.

Teri and Rich have two children, their son Jonathan, who married Rebecca Walterman on October 28th of 2013, and daughter Amanda, who married Michael North on May 10th, 2014. They also have two Granddaughters and a Grandson

MWB Dickerscheid’s Masonic affiliations include:

  • The Valley of Cincinnati A.A.S.R.– 33° (Past Most Wise Master), 
  • Cumminsville Chapter Royal Arch Masons #158 
  • Hubert O. Auburn Council RSM #147,
  • Cincinnati Commandery #3,
  • Syrian Shrine, Marvin Chapter OES #376,
  • Cleveland Chapter #23 National Sojourners,
  • Society of Past Masters of Cincinnati & Vicinity,
  • Past President of the “Wild Bunch Degree Assistance Team

Look out for the next G.L. of Ohio newsletter to learn more about Grand Master Dickerscheid and his plans for another great year of Ohio Freemasonry.

Stated Meeting Update


With the recent increase of Covid cases in the area, the stated meeting for October 20th is cancelled. The next meeting will be held on November 3rd which is also the annual meeting and elections. Stay safe everyone!

Brian Gardner
Worshipful Master

A Special Year and Milestone

As Masons return to “work” everywhere, it should be noted, that another very special group returns to their “work” which every Mason should applaud, endorse and support. That group is, Job’s Daughters.

This year (e.g., 2020) marks their 100th anniversary since founded by Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick in Omaha, Nebraska in 1920. They take their teaching from the story of Job and his trials, and in particular, to a reference in the 42nd Chapter which says…

“And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job.”

More can be found about this wonderful organization by browsing their main website by clicking (Here)


You can visit the “Grand Bethel of Ohio” by simply clicking (Here)

Congratulations to our own very special, Bethel No. 69 and here’s to another 100!

Special Announcement

A hardy congratulations is well in order to two members of Sunrise Lodge No. 783.

The Valley of Columbus, for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (NMJ) has awarded Brothers Jon-Scott A. Allen and Daniel K. Rannebarger the distinct honor to receive the 33º on August 31, 2021, in Cleveland Ohio.

Please be sure to congratulate them when appropriate for this well deserved honor.