Welcome to the website of Sunrise Lodge No. 783, where our motto “Lux ex Tenebris” (“Light from Darkness”) is not just another catch phrase – it’s our relentless pursuit.

What you’ll find here will pretty much answer any questions, whether you’re already a member of Sunrise; a member of another lodge looking for information about us; or someone looking to join Freemasonry in general. Most if not all queries can be found here. Below is a thumbnail-sketch on how to do just that.

If you’re already a member of another Lodge and want to learn more about Sunrise in general, whether it’s our history, a visit, or looking to relocate you’ll find this under the “About Us” tab on the main-menu, or (Click Here).

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For those wondering if there are any “Famous Freemasons,” let’s just say there are far too many to list on this site. That “list” is ever evolving and growing across the web.

However, just like anything, when it comes to the “web” there are a lot of different sites claiming to “know” something that are suspect in their claims at best, and outright incorrect or specious at worst. Bearing that in-mind here are two sites that may help.

First, there is one from the publisher Wiley of “Freemasons For Dummies” by Christopher Hodapp. A quintessential must read for anyone (i.e. Members and/or non-members alike) looking for in-depth, common language explanations to relative questions, with straight answers pertaining to the fraternity and its many intricacies. You’ll find that list by simply clicking (Here).

Second, you may also want to visit the current “Wikipedia” listing for a more exhaustive list, all the while remembering Wikipedia is an “open source” platform, meaning – it’s susceptible to well-meaning but often times erroneous, if not outright specious misinformation. You can view them directly by simply clicking (Here).

With that said, on behalf of the officers and members of Sunrise Lodge No. 783, we both welcome and thank you for your interest.

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Note: All directly held Sunrise events (e.g., at our Lodge facility) follow any and all guidelines mandated by either the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Governor’s office, CDC or applicable combination thereof. Therefore, available seating, occupancy or something other may be limited and/or changed at any time.

Stated Meeting Update for April 20th

In this dynamic, ever-changing COVID situation regarding protocols and meetings. I mistakenly misinterpreted our stated meeting requirements and have now deemed we will have a meeting via Zoom tonight (Tuesday, April 20th) at our normally stated time.

Any members wishing to attend can either use the “Contact” form to request the link, or contact me directly.

My apologies for any confusion.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Stated Meeting Update


Due to Franklin County’s “Purple Status” regarding COVID protocols, we will not be meeting in person this Tuesday (April 20th), nor will we be having a Zoom meeting as replacement.

Since the meeting was to be focused on craft work and the business topics were light, I have decided it best to postpone this stated and hope for better conditions (lifting of “Purple”) over the next few weeks, then resume our in person Lodge meetings for May. I’ll keep you posted when more details become apparent.

Reminder: May 4th, our first stated in May, is also the deadline for RSVP’s concerning both our Columbus Zoo function, as well as ordering your new Lodge shirts.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Stated Meeting Update


I regret to inform you that Franklin County has entered a Purple Status regarding COVID protocols.

Per the Grand Master’s Edict, under this condition we are not allowed to meet in person and will be postponing in person lodge meetings until further notice. Therefore: We will not have an in person Lodge meeting on April 20th.

Holding a Zoom meeting in replacement is TBD.

With the hope that this may be a short and temporary postponement, I’m still planning for the option we may meet in person on the first stated in May (May 4th) to perform FC degree work with “move up night” also planned.

I’ll keep you abreast as more details become clearer. Until then, keep studying and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Be well brothers.

Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master

Sunrise Lodge Golf Shirt Drive

I am pleased to announce we are making available to Sunrise members the opportunity to update your wardrobe for the summer with a new Sunrise Lodge logo’d golf shirt.

The new shirt is made of moisture wicking fabric with a Jacquard texture, machine washable, and will have emblazoned on the left breast area (or what would be the front pocket area, for there is no pocket) the logo of our Lodge as pictured below.

Also, on the left sleeve will be the motto:

“Not Just A Man. A Mason.”

This is the style and color…

We will be offering these shirts to members in good standing well below the cost. We are asking only for a $20 donation (per shirt) to help defer some of the expense.

To order simply use the “Contact Form” located on this site and fill in the particulars such as…

  • How many you would like.
  • What sizes.

Sizes range from Small through XXXL

(You may also order when attending Lodge if that better suits.)

Once we have a tally on how many we will be placing the order. If there is any issue with sizing availability during the process we’ll notify those that may need to adjust if they wish.

Once the shirts are made we will make them available for pick up at the Lodge where payment can be made then either by check, cash or through the Paypal portal on the website.

There is no shipping available – all shirts will need to be picked up at the Lodge.

The cut off date for ordering is May 4th (our first stated in May).

So, please, place your order using the “Contact Form” or at the Lodge as soon as possible so we can get a tally and get it off to the maker.


Eric Franklin
Worshipful Master